Digital Scholarship Services

We can help you integrate digital tools and methods into your research, teaching, and publication practices. Learn more about our services and get in touch with general questions or to brainstorm ideas. OPEN HOURS are available for students working on DIGITAL ASSIGNMENTS.


As part of our support for Digital Assignments and Classroom Innovation, the Digital Scholarship Commons can help you create Omeka-based assignments for your course that further your learning objectives. Integrating Omeka into your course offers students an opportunity to create media-based argumentation, analyze visual objects, learn about digital citation and develop critical reading skills for online sources.

We will help you determine the best platform for your learning objectives and support your teaching by offering an in-class Introduction to Omeka, access to online tools and tutorials, local hosting with advanced functionality, and open hours for student questions. We can offer the technical assistance your students need to engage with course content in new ways.

Support for assignments is available through email, open hours, and one-on-one consultations. Learn more >

  • Digital Project Consultation

Digital Commons can support faculty and graduate students with existing digital humanities projects or ideas for new projects by consulting on DH methodologies and finding the right tool. We provide access to equipment and help you explore the potential of digital humanities methods in your research or teaching.

Check out this guide for best practices for the Lifecycle of your Digital Project. Find tips for organizing research data, digitizing, and preserving digital objects.

  • Digitization Consultation

The Digital Commons works closely with the UCSC Digital Initiatives team, which is responsible for digitization of materials in support of scholarship, research, and teaching. If you're looking to digitize photographs, video, or text, let us help you establish the best practices to ensure the long term viability of your materials. See these guidelines for determining digitization file sizes

  • Digital Research Practices

Starting a new research project and not sure how to organize your data? Working in the archives with a digital camera and don't know how to keep track of thousands of photos? The Digital Commons can help you find the best software for your project needs and establish a research plan that includes file naming guidelines. 

  • Support for Digital Assignments and Classroom Innovation 

The Digital Scholarship Commons offers support to all Faculty and Instructors interested in experimenting with digital assignments or research methods. We offer guidance to find new tools and help pair your pedagogical goals with the right online or digital platform. We can also introduce new technologies to your students in one-off classroom sessions and work with you to create online tutorials or guides that help students succeed with new kinds of scholarly work.

Faculty and Instructors: Submit this Teaching Support Request form to learn more >

Students: Support for assignments is available through email, open hours, and one-on-one consultations. Learn more >

    • Data Management and Preservation

    We assist UCSC faculty, staff, researchers, and graduate students with strategies and tools for organizing, managing, and preserving research data throughout the reesearch data life cycle. We can help you: Create a Data Mangement Plan; Manage your Data, Publish, Preserve & Back Up; Find Data for Reuse. Learn more about our Data Management Services >

    • Open Access Support

    Open Access (OA) publications are digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. The University of California has a new Open Access Policy. We can help you deposit and manage your articles in an Open Access repository so that they are easy for other researchers to find, use, and cite. Learn more about our Open Access support services >

    • Digital Exhibit Building and Online Publishing

    A wide range of online platforms enable researchers to publish their work online and showcase their research for audiences beyond the academy. Using Omeka, Scalar, Wordpress or other online tools allow you to write hyperlinked books, construct multi-media essays, and build online exhibits. These platforms enable public facing scholarly work with little or no coding skills needed. The Digital Scholarship Commons offers support for imagining new modes of public scholarship through these digital tools and consultation that can help you construct exhibits that tell intellecutally compelling and digitally innovative stories.

    The University Library has a strong expertise in building Omeka-based online exhibits, including the Grateful Dead Online Archive. Let us help you use Omeka to advance your research or teaching goals.

    ​Record audio files, create podcasts, and experiment with sound. The Media Center at McHenry Library now offers a podcasting studio and access to microphones and editing software.


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