Food and Drink Policy

UCSC Library Food and Drink Policy

Senior Library Management may approve special events or other exceptions to policy.

Food and Drink Items Allowed:

  • Covered drinks
  • Snacks or wrapped items
  • Food without strong odors


  • Wipe up accidents and dispose of your trash and recyclables.
  • Tell a library staff member if there is a spill to ensure damaged items are properly treated.
  • No group meals (e.g. pizza parties) in public areas
  • No food deliveries (e.g. pizza)
  • The Global Village Café space is reserved for consumption of food purchased in the café.

Areas Where No Food or Drinks Are Allowed:

  • Book stacks
  • Near photocopiers, printers, and microform readers
  • McHenry Special Collections & Archives
  • Dead Central
  • S&E Game Room

Patrons who refuse to comply with the UCSC Library Food and Drink Policy are considered in violation of the UCSC Library Use and Conduct Code.

Policy effective: September 22, 2008

Policy updated: August 4, 2011